The Village Waste Water Department is a district and is set up under the law to be outside of the general tax base. It is "fee for service" paid by the consumers of water on the basis of a metered charge regulated by the Board of Trustees under the laws of the State of New York.


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Contacts at a glance...

Waste Water Clerk
Tel: 845-876-7015
Fax: 845-876-5583
Rhinebeck Village Hall
76 E. Market Street
Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Waste Water Plant
Brian Baccomo, Chief Operator

The waste water system for the village was built primarily for the densely populated business district and for some of the densely occupied residential units in the Village (Village Green, The Woods) as required by the New York State Health Department.

Some out-of-district customers, such as the Astor Gardens development and Stop and Shop, pay special fees in addition to the base charges. Waste water collection and processing is a special health protection and our facility is a 24/7 operation. Our operations are monitored by state and county departments of health and the New York Department of Environmental Conservation. We consistently stay in complete compliance with the requirements of the authorities. The waste water is a “fee for service” and the billing is done separately but in concurrence with the water billing.

Waste Water Department Personnel

  • Scott Rathjen - Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator Trainee

  • David Secor - Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator Trainee

Office Hours: 9:00am-4:00pm Mon.-Fri. (closed holidays)

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