CLIMATE SMART RHINEBECK: Over 50 people participate in CSC's workshop

Get the results from our public workshop at Starr Library—New Years Resolution: Help the Village Get Ready for the Changing Climate.

We had a surprising amount of fun talking about the very depressing topic of adapting to inevitable climate change! We mapped our community stakeholders and talked about particular vulnerabilities, listed the most relevant climate change impacts for our area, and brainstormed ideas for resiliency building. 

We also had a great turnout for Matt Stinchcomb and Corinna Borden's presentation about how to lessen your food waste and will share those food waste presentations on our website soon.

Our Education and Engagement Strategy.

These workshops and events, our website and social media—these all stem from our Education and Engagement strategy, which you can dig into here

We want to do a larger workshop with the community, to envision what we want the future of Rhinebeck to be, what values we share that will guide us in building that future. We hope to host this in March (details TBD).

We have plans cooking for April and want you to get involved:

  • Earth Day collaborations with the PTSO 

  • Bike/Walk to School Day

  • Drawdown Eco-Challenge

Get Involved in Our Education & Engagement

Climate Smart Rhinebeck

The Village of Rhinebeck: Becoming a Climate Smart Community
Our village, together with communities across NY state, needs to transition to zero carbon emissions, invest in community resilience, restore ecosystems, build a more just and sustainable future. We need to do it. But the question is how? We have pledged to become a Climate Smart Community, and this program maps out how.

Learn More & Get Involved
Visit our website at to find out about local environmental programming, actions the CSC Task Force is tackling right now, and how to get involved. You can also visit NY State’s CSC website to browse through the 100 actions and explore what other municipalities are doing across the state. After our January 10, 2020 filing is reviewed, our CSC profile will be updated for the public to dig into detailed documentation of our work.

The CSC Certification Program
This set of 100 actions, developed by the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation, provides a transformational roadmap. This is how we are drawing down our carbon footprint and building more efficient and resilient operations.

As our village certifies at higher levels of the CSC program (as we prove we’ve undertaken more and more of the 100 actions), we become eligible for State grants which will further fund our sustainability projects. The Rhinebeck Village Board, under Mayor Reardon, took the first steps by passing a resolution to become a Climate Smart Community in 2010. On January 10, 2020, the Climate Smart Task Force will submit our first public filing, and hope to achieve Bronze level certification.

The CSC Task Force
Mayor Bassett and the Village Board have formed a task force to run point on the CSC program and Vanessa Bertozzi is serving as the coordinator. The CSC Task Force interfaces with the joint Town/Village Environmental Committee, which is the body that researches and recommends environmental policy changes to the VIllage Board. Our goal is for the CSC Task Force to be a focusing mechanism, to draw together both the community and government in our actions to fight climate change.

The CSC Task Force meets monthly. Core task force members are expected to manage projects which contribute specifically to the CSC framework and help us build a more sustainable future for Rhinebeck. We’d love to hear from you! Visit our website at to contact us.

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